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Dieu est à l'intérieur de soi, pourquoi doit-on aller le rechercher dans une église

30 décembre, 2015


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 » In a strange country you know,  certain  unusual politicians and clergy consider the human virtues as crimes.  Being a real man is a sin for them. I am the biggest sinner, I always offend until infinite, I am the devil incarnate and my tail is the witness. 
Thank you God for making me sinnest, don’t forgive me, I don’t want to go to their paradise « .

 » The incompetent politicians pride for insulting anonymous. They think they can hide their weaknesses by this way. They want to divert the gaze of others not to see their incompetence. The clergy unworthy of being models of their faithful embark also in this ridiculous practice. This is also the attitude of managers and staff in positions above their aptitudes   ».

 » The man who I am proud of my being. You did not like that ? Because you’re not a real man ? Because your husband is not ? « .

 » A real man has never been afraid to be alone versus any number of enemies. The number of enemy of a man is always appropriate to its capacity « .

 » The obstacles in the way of the man who I forged me to become the superman that I must be « 

 » If you a preferred target of some politicians and clergy, it is because you’re not whoever « 
 » Claim my head was not new, it had done since the preparation of 2009′s incidents. Today and tomorrow you again and again have reasons to claim my  head, because they now knew that I never submit  to their pressure, whatever its form. And I always continue to give the more reasons, many reasons « .

 » My silence does not mean we accept your abominations, no, it is useless to reason of mental patients.

 » These cursed people use, people they have destroyed the honor, and the latter no longer know how to differentiate the honor and shame, apologies are due to their mental retardation « 

« You who are motivated by politicians and clergy to attack a fair man, let’s be clear about the enemy, they seek to oppress, it is yourself and this  fair man is an obstacle preventing them to do so. « 

« Some narrow-minded and unrealistic politicians are not able to provide a real solution to improve the plight of a nation in crisis ».

« They interpret everything in a way to feed their lies. there there is no Nobel Prize for stupidity? We know people proud to be the best candidates for this award « .
«  » That they continue to show their true faces, spitting their venom, so that people know who they are; what are their goals. « 

« They use the word  » fear  » to stir up the anger of Who ? Anger of dog ? A dog will obey them, then continue. « 

« The Jews were expelled and tortured pendant centuries because they held the secrets of spirituality, the clergy of a certain religion are afraid that they hide that light will spread »

The quotes are only fictions in these quotes.

« I like the Michigan’s constitution, I like the Nigerian’s constitution because they don’t accept homosexuality attitud. I mean the constitution Michigane 2015. 
A real man like me must hate the law and practice deshumaniste promoting this abomination; although men of churches and politicians pave the way for legalizing the practice. You know who these people are, they were not hiding since 2009, they are proud to launch this cause « . 
They use these networks homosexuals who make radio sidewalks everywhere to chat wrongly, on foot; with 2 wheels or 4 wheels. You who support them, think of your children and your husband, how do they become? They are not all me to be able to destroy the attacks of these people. They make many victims, sensitive people; easy to handle. 
Do -you what is the purpose of these « men » of churches and politicians cited above? 
Their goal is that the people had no models to follow and had to submit to their laws. These people want to reduce the mental capacity of the people, so that you do dream of standing; think of things that do not exist. A mentally and spiritually degraded people easily accept those they want to do and never think to resist against them. 
Do you think they needed to mobilize as many people if they have a problem with one man? You used to terrorize you to reduce you to slavery, to destroy you. 
Open your eyes, and if you want to close your awakening will be terrible. 
I must say the truth, no one else in my place to say. 
My motto in life: better to be a lion, immovable being a living dog. Living standing, die standing. 
« That who loves his life will lose ». 
The weapon does not make the man is the man doing the gun. « 

« Tsy ho Kivy izy tsy ho ketraka, mandra pametrany-ny rariny amin’ny tan there, ary ny ny Nosy hiandry lalàny ». Isaia 42: 6

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